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This web blog is part of a year long project in connection with a group of writers and artists. We are going on a cruise and each have a cabin where we can do projects and communicate between passengers.
My page will make use of a large collection of THEATRE MAGAZINES from 1903 onward. The covers are beautiful color pictures of many different actors and actresses of the day. Each magazine will cover the current plays and opera for that month. There are also features on
each star.
I also have a wonderful scrapbook put together by a lady who attended many plays and kept the playbills along with date attended and her companion. I do not know her name, so I’ll call her Julia.
Her friend is Marshall and they saw so many of the great stars of the day. I will show each playbill and material about that play when it is available in a Theatre Magazine.
I’m looking forward to this journey and it will be a chance to focus on this period on Broadway.
Sylvia Kleindinst


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